Common Mercedes Repair Issues

Mercedes is considered one of the top luxury car makers in the world. People all over the world would like to own one (or even have a ride in one.) Mercedes has more than 200 models and each one is a unique beauty.

While many would love to own this luxurious car, they may not be aware of the repairs the will have to face. Before you purchase the car, let’s have a look at the top five repair issues of Mercedes:

1.     Window Regulators

The problem with window regulators in Mercedes Benz is that their failure differs from model to model. They are more likely to fail on the C-Class and ML-Class Benz. The problem is either the sensor or the motor that fails and delays the action of the windows going up and down.

2.     Gear Shifter

S-class models experience this problem more. What usually happens is that when you start the car and rev up the engine, the gear lever gets stuck in the parking position, even though the engine is working. This is caused due to the selector module failing.

3.     Transmission Problem

Mercedes Benz’s automatic transmission is built quite well but the problem usually occurs when regular service is skipped. Usually, it’s the valve body and 13-pin connector that causes issues such as hard shifting and slipping.

4.     Startup

A repair that is quite common due to lack of maintenance is a rattling sound during startup. When the car is turned on when it’s cold, in the first 15 seconds, the engine runs with some hiccups. The reason behind this rattling sound is usually a worn out belt tensioner. In other cases, it’s because of the car’s water pump pulley.

5.     Rust

The biggest challenge that you will face as a Mercedes Benz owner is rust. The rust usually occurs near the bumpers, underneath the wheel wells, near the quarter panels and on the front fenders. Rust is quite expensive to repair, so make sure to take your car every now and then to the mechanic for proper maintenance.