When Is An Oil Leak Serious?

Seeing a puddle of oil beneath cars is one thing that car owners dread. It is a surefire sign that there is trouble with your vehicle.

But what if you just find one or two oil drops? It’s also possible that your car’s oil levels have gone down but you can’t see the car leaking oil. Is this a serious problem?

The Severity of Car Leaking Oil

Here are a few potential situations that car leaking oil can bring you to face.

  • A leak has the potential to starve the car’s engine of oil. If what you see is a large puddle of oil on the ground, don’t start the car. There may not be any oil left in the engine and starting it can result in permanent damage.
  • A small leak in the gasket can leave you stranded mid-journey. If the leak is minor, it can be confirmed after topping the oil and watching the levels go down without the car being used. However, if this happens in the middle of the road, you should head to a nearby repair shop to avert potential dangers.
  • Leaks that crop up in certain circumstances, like when the car is parked on an incline, are hard to confirm. The dashboard might display a warning for low oil levels but you should check the dipstick to be certain.

If your car is leaking oil, don’t wait another moment or it might become really serious. Let us take care of the problem and ensure hassle-free rides for you!