Most Common BMW Repairs

The BMW is a luxury vehicle, so we might not expect it to give so many problems as would a more economically-priced car. Despite its high-end style, comfort and performance level, however, the BMW does, at times, present owners with issues. Here are some of the most common BMW problems owners of these fine vehicles can face:


One of the most common BMW problems involves the engine cooling system, often caused by thermostat failure. Stay proactive by regularly monitoring the temperature gauge. Fortunately, a thermostat is relatively inexpensive; and if you need to replace it, you can conveniently order one online.

A defective water pump may also be the culprit of an engine overheating issue, so it wouldn’t hurt to replace that, as well as the thermostat, if your vehicle has more than 100,000 miles on it. BMW water pumps are prone to failure because they have their own electric motors. Advantages of the electric pump are that it takes very little power from the engine and it keeps noise to a minimum. A disadvantage is that the pump can fail even if the vehicle has only 60,000 miles on it. Because a water pump is relatively expensive and difficult for the novice to replace, it’s best to allow a certified BMW mechanic tackle the job.

Leaking Oil

If your BMW has more than 55,000 miles on it, chances are it’s prone to oil leaks. A pool of oil under your vehicle or the smell of oil when you’re driving could indicate an oil leak. A leaky valve cover gasket or oil pan gasket or a faulty fuel pump can be possible causes. In any event, you shouldn’t ignore an issue with leaking oil. A failing fuel pump can also result in poor acceleration, engine sputtering at high speeds or even engine failure.

Faulty Head or Tail Lamps

Although automatic headlights are a popular convenience, they may remain lit even in bright light, which can run down the battery and affect other electrical components. If you’re experiencing problems with the battery, headlights that fail to turn off in bright daylight could be the cause.

A defective taillight can set off a message on the dashboard indicating a malfunction with the rear or brake lamp. Corrosion is the most common cause of this issue.

Failure of Door Locks

Another common problem with the BMW is the failure of the remote to lock or unlock all doors. Since the BMW is one of the most-often stolen of any make of vehicle, this issue can be especially worrisome for owners.

Electronic Issues

Some of the most common BMW problems owners experience involve electronic issues. The windshield wipers and air conditioning system are often affected. A faulty ambient temperature sensor can cause the compressor to turn on and quickly shut down, preventing the AC from turning on.

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