Future BMW Models 2020

The sleek, elegant design, taught suspension and smooth steering, and comfortable seating are some of the characteristics one typically associate with cars made by BMW. Because of these qualities (and more!), BMW has always been on top of a car enthusiast’s wish list.

This luxury car has come a long way in redefining the class, style, and design for all high-end cars in the world. You may know what latest BMW models are like but what about the models of BMW 2020? Let’s discover everything about the most anticipated BMW future cars in this blog post!


This is going to be the third generation of the X6, which is based on the design and the front end style of the recently released X5.

BMW promises to install the same high-performing powertrains as those of X5. As compared to X5, the grille of BMW X6 is going to be smaller, and the bumper design will be more dynamic.

You can also expect a wireless charging system, a cup holder, classic lighting, terrific 3D sound system, and BMW Live Cockpit.

BMW ix3

BMW future cars also include the 2020 BMW iX3 with a 20hp electric powertrain and a 70kWh battery pack. This new German luxury car will provide 250 miles of safe driving range and will charge in 30 minutes max when fastened with a 150kW quick charger.

The car will be built in China at BBA’s engine plant and sold around the world preferably in the same year.  


If you are familiar with the company’s popular SUV, then you will be equally impressed by the BMW X3 M as it is a modern and high-performing version of the SUV. With blacked-out grille, unique wheels’ style, a sporty diffuser, and huge bumper vents, the exterior of the 2020 BMW X3 is worth rooting for.

Mind you, BMW X3 is more aggressive with its looks, so if you are into rocking the meanest looking cars, this is certainly something for you to consider.

2020 BMW 8 Series Convertible

The BMW 8 series is back with a bang! After almost two decades, the Germans have shifted their focus toward the 8-series lineup. The car features a soft-top that can be opened and closed in 15 seconds and comes with remarkable underbody protection to fill the stiffness void of a permanent roof. For more comfort, there is a pop-up wind deflector and neck warmers in the car.

The future of BMW 2020 cars seems an exciting one as luxury car lovers and purchasers are drooling over them already!

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