There is an age old debate between the engine quality of German sports cars and Italian sports cars. Critics have been stumped when it comes to choosing the best between these two auto powerhouses.

By studying all factors important to a wonderful car engine, in respect to both of these countries, we discover:

Skilled Engineers

Germany has a far superior education system than Italy. Not only does the country have better universities and skilled staff, but it also has more graduates. Clear win for German here.

Research and Development

To produce better engines, you need to keep track of the changing technology and have to invest in the field of research and development. Only through research can you unearth superior methods of production and efficiency. Germany ranks above Italy in this regard, solely because of the endeavors of VW. In 2016 alone, VW spent a staggering 15 Billion Euros on Research and Development motives. This budget is 4 times that of Apple, a company known for heavily investing in R&D.

Larger Production

Germany ranks third in the world of most engines produced, way above the production capability of Italy. This goes to prove the investment in R&D, as they have a big production line to innovate and provide for. Italy cannot spend as much on R&D because of lower levels of production in the country.

Higher Competition

Competition between companies is what brings out the best in manufacturers. Italy, which had a lot of different Italian sports car manufacturers in the days gone by, is now dominated by Fiat. Brands such as Lancia and Alfa Romeo are now also part of Fiat. Maserati and Ferrari, which are the leading race car manufacturers, also depend on Fiat for production. Currently, the two major supercars producers not coming under Fiat are Lamborghini and Pagani, both of whom are known for importing engines developed in Germany. On the contrary, Germany has high competition between three major manufacturers including BMW, VW and Mercedes. Opel is also rising to the challenge with engine development.

Ingenuity in Technology

Both Italian and German sports cars manufacturers are on par here. Manufacturers in both countries have tested common rail diesel injectors and 4 valve cylinder heads. They are continuously working towards improvement and more ingenuity.

To sum it up, Italy has had a rich history in car manufacturing and still ranks as one of the top global manufacturers, but doesn’t rank in the same category as Germany currently. The Germans might have poor wine and an even poorer cuisine, but their engines are proven to be better.

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