Share Your Passions With Others the Mercedes Club

The Mercedes-Benz Club is made up of drivers in 24 countries – all of whom have a love for the Mercedes-Benz.

The club was formed in 1956 when tens of thousands of individuals who owned or leased the Mercedes-Benz were introduced to the network. These individuals share one common goal – they are simply enthused about being owners or drivers of the classic Mercedes-Benz.

So what do members of the Mercedes Club do? Their combined interest and fascination with the Mercedes-Benz has lent itself to a wide array of recreational activities among its members.

Although Mercedes-Benz has been considered the beacon of distinction and class, some members have put the Mercedes-Benz to the test in other ways. Enthusiasts test its abilities on the open road, its speed at performing races at designated locations and by comparing newer models and classes.

Enthusiasts also test engines and conduct defensive driving training programs for beginners, intermediate and advanced drivers. These training programs have been conducted by sought-after professionals who teach at various driving schools.

Members of the community also have an interest in the traditional side of things. The members rally around what makes the Mercedes Benz classy and unique. They focus more on an elegant and upscale design.

To show their commitment to the brand, club members participate in what they referred to as the Concourse d’Elegance events that are hosted at five-star facilities each year. During these events, various Mercedes Benz are judged based on authenticity, appearance and, of course, upkeep and condition.

There are also various sub-sets by model and class, such as the Mercedes 300 SL. Members of this club have an even a greater fascination with the Mercedes-Benz vehicle.