The 4 Best Volkswagen Winter Features

Driving in winters is a nightmare! While the cold weather makes your body shiver and teeth clatter outside, the sleeted roads make driving a horror you want to stay away from.

Do you wish there was an easier way to hit the road in this awful weather? Then here’s a surprise- there is! Technology is constantly evolving, leaving us with better ways to tackle the cold weather on the road.  It just so happens to take the shape of Volkswagen’s vehicles.

The current Volkswagen automobiles are equipped with guaranteed safety features. Most of these features offer a solution to the winter-related driving problems drivers encounter.  This minimizes your expenditures on auto repairs.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Volkswagen winter features to see why these vehicles are the best way to tackle the cold weather:

1. Unparalleled Road Traction

Volkswagen outstrips all the other vehicles in terms of road traction. This highly effective car comes with winter-friendly feature providing you with unparalleled road traction, and is known as the 4Motion. Four Wheel Drive (4WD) is a staple in all the Volkswagen vehicles that offers a top class, automated traction control system.

Since this traction system is automated, it comes with sensors to identify traction changes and shifts between all four wheels to guarantee the best road grip. For this very reason, Volkswagen delivers smooth and unhindered performance even on slippery, slushy and sleeted surfaces.

2. Centrally Heated

As the temperature drops to zero or below, your car’s internal temperature also drops along with it. This means when you drive a car in winters, you can expect the steering wheel and the seats to be spine-chillingly cold. But with Volkswagen vehicles, this is no more a problem.

The Volkswagen vehicles are centrally heated. Not only do they have an excellent defrost system, they also feature heated a steering wheel and seats. In fact, these vehicles also feature heated windshield, back mirror and side view mirrors to defrost the sheets of ice or snow covering the glass to provide you with visual clarity.

3. Winter Tires

While most of the vehicles out there feature all-season tires, Volkswagen vehicles feature winter or snow tires. This makes sure your vehicle remains safe while tackling the harsh weather.  Slipping or skidding on slushy, snowy or icy surfaces is a thing of the past – well if you’re careful.

These winter tires are made of high quality rubber material guaranteeing  maximum road grip to avoid such happenings. As a result, you get to enjoy a better driving experience during winters with Volkswagen compared to any other vehicle.

4. Excellent Wash Wipers

Volkswagen’s latest models feature wash wipers with sharp blades to blow off the snow or slush from your windscreen for visual clarity. In addition, Volkswagen vehicles also feature wipers on the headlights now to prevent snow or slush residue from blocking the light emanating off of the headlights. This is an excellent support feature as the evening to night time in winters can get really dark.

If your Volkswagen begins to malfunction, you can always take your vehicle to a reliable Santa Fe auto repair service. No matter how great your vehicle is, every automobile needs regular maintenance.