How to Store Your Porsche this Winter

Winter has its own charm. Fur coats, cozy indoors and warm mugs of cocoa by the fireplace in the cold weather sounds like living a dream. But then again, winter has its own challenges as well, especially when it comes to Santa Fe auto repair and maintenances. This can be troublesome if you own a Porsche.

Porsche is not designed to tackle the cold weather. And if your car is deprived of winter tires and sharp wiper blades, it’s time for your car to hibernate. Learn how to store your gorgeous Porsche this season by taking a look below:

1. Broom Your Garage

Your car will be stored in the garage. Make sure it is in a topnotch condition before you park your car inside for the season. Broom the floor to clean off the dust or any other pollution. Insert poly sheets on the floor for the ultimate moisture protection to prevent premature rusting on your Porsche.

2. Garage Insulation

To make sure your car is stored with care, have your garage insulated. Even minimum insulation will prevent your Porsche from being significantly affected by the colder weather.

3. Wax Coating

Your Porsche’s paint can wither if it is not kept stored properly. Whether you opt for a Santa Fe auto repair service or DIY, make sure the car is cleaned thoroughly and then coated with thick layers of wax. This prevents the paint from eroding.

4. Wheel Washing

Washing your car’s wheels is extremely important to maintain it. Before locking it up in the garage for the season, clean the tires inside out and cover them in petroleum jelly. This develops a layer of protection around the wheels.

5. Tire Inflation

Porsche’s tires may flatten if it is out of touch for a long period of time. Prior to storing your car in the garage, check the tires’ pressure. If the pressure is low, either inflate the tires or replace them.

6. Plastic And Rubber Conditioning

Dropping temperatures affect things in different way. To make sure your Porsche is safely stored, cover its plastic or rubber based exterior with a conditioning formula. This will protect them from cracking under pressure.

7. Engine Oil Changes

Motor oil’s consistency changes as the weather changes. When winter is around the corner, change the engine oil as it thickens in the colder weather. Drive your Porsche to test the engine’s function and then store it in the garage.

8. Fluid Changes Or Refills

Before storing your Porsche, run some maintenance on your fluids.  Change when necessary and refill if they are low. Make sure to top off the brake fluid, antifreeze fluid and the windscreen washer fluid.

9. Minimize Coolant Protection

Reduce the strength of your car’s water coolant to 50% and the protection to -30 °C.  This protects the water pump, radiator, cylinder head and engine block from any damage.

10. Fill Premium Gas

Luxury sports cars, like a Porsche, should be filled with premium gas only for top class performance. Fill your gas tank to the brim with premium gas to minimize air space within the tank.

Consult a reliable Santa Fe auto repair service to carry out these tasks or do them yourself.  Either way, it’s important for the health of your Porsche.

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