Winter Driving Tips

Driving in winters can be a great challenge. The roads are icy which often results in cars over speeding and getting into accidents. And as the temperature changes, your car’s performance is also greatly affected. In fact, you might end up in a car with malfunctioning defrost system, poor engine performance, screeching tires and etc.

Santa Fe auto repairs must not be neglected for any reason when winter is right around the corner. To make sure you’re safe on the road, take a look at some of the top winter driving tips below:

1. Tire Pressure Checkup

A significant drop in the mercury leads to lowering tire pressure. Every car comes with a standardized tire pressure at which the tire must be inflated. If not, it is unsafe to hit the road with your car.

To check the tire’s pressure, gently press your foot on the tire. If the tire gives your foot a bounce back effect, it is well in shape. If not, you must have the tires replaces. Consult a reputable agency for thorough Santa Fe auto repair that would check your tire’s pressure and replace the tires with the most suitable ones for your car.

2. Winter Tire Installment

Your car’s tires may perform efficiently throughout the year but during winters, you must have them replaced. Roads and surfaces in winters are usually wet, icy or snowy which can lead to poor road grip. In fact, according to statistics 24% of the car accidents each year occur due to icy or snowy surfaces while, 15% of the accidents occur due to sleet or snowfall.

For safely driving in winters, Santa Fe auto repair is absolutely necessary to replace your car’s tires with exclusive, winter tires. These specialized tires are developed with high quality rubber compounds that guarantee solid road traction in winters.

3. Avoid Speeding

Over-speeding is not even a question in winters; in fact, you must not even consider speeding at all. Roads in winter are slippery, slushy, snowy or wet which leads to a poor road traction. Even if your car has winter tires installed, it is better to avoid speeding that could result in accidents.

To remain safe on the road this season, slow down at U-turns and intersections. Follow the traffic rules religiously, decelerate on red signals and keep your speed below the belt to keep you and your family safe.

4. Stay Equipped with a Kit

You never know when a calamity might strike you so it is important to gear up with a survival kit in winters. In case your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere during winters, you must have a quilt, edibles, water, power bank, flares, torch light and a first aid kit in your car’s trunk.

Although regular Santa Fe auto repair and maintenance will help you avoid from getting stuck in such situations, it is always better to be safe than to be sorry.

Be extra careful with your car during winters. Check the headlights, wiper blades, defrost system, motor oil and battery regularly to ensure a safe driving experience in the season. If you have any questions, we are happy to help!