Why are Italians so Good at Building Supercars?

Call it luck, call it chance or call it pure expertise, but the Italians are good at building cars. A look around the supercars industry of today can confirm the Italian presence and the prowess their manufacturers possess. All of Lambhorgini, Ferrari and Pagani find their roots in Italy, the land of powerful supercars.

With such brutal dominance, there has to be a reason to why Italians are so good at building supercars. Here we explicate those reasons and delve deeper into the wonderful and pacy land of Italian cars.

Italians Value Aesthetics

Whenever there is a mention of Italy, a particular mix of glamour and effortless style comes to mind. Their rich cultural history of aesthetics dates back to the 14th century, when Florence first adapted the sense of aesthetics as a form of identity. Affluent Florentines wanted exclusivity and they got that through their sense in fashion.

This value and inherent sense of aesthetics is now present in the supercar manufacturers of the modern era. These manufacturers are able to generate pure art in their designs; art that is often difficult to master for their counterparts. To shorten the description, Italian car manufacturers value every bit of the lines, feel and sound that goes into making their supercars one of a kind.

Rich Formula 1 History

Italy has enjoyed a rich formula one history through the course of the 20th Century. Not only have they produced some of the best racers, but the country’s Monza race circuit has been host to multiple international events. The circuit hosted the European Grand Prix around 7 times in the period between 1923 and 1967.

With such a formula one industry, there was bound to be success in the development of supercars as well. Italian manufacturers, most of whom were avid racing fans, were inspired by the interesting mechanism of these sports cars and the dedication of drivers on the wheel. The formula 1 circuit has seen no less than 98 racers from the country, driving Italian cars.  

Growing Passion

Gianni Agnelli, shareholder of Fiat, and perhaps one of the biggest car moguls in the world, believes that the supercar boom in Italy has a lot to do with the rise of multiple small mechanical repair shops within Italy during the 20th century. Many Italian workers would fix Italian cars in these repair outlets and then use their newfound gusto to make and manufacture their own cars.

Many of them went on to build their own empire of Italian cars; using the creative approach they learnt as small-scale repairmen to lead them to greatness.

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