Top 5 Foreign Luxury Auto Manufacturing Companies and their cars

When it comes to foreign luxury autos, there are a few names that come to mind. BMW, Mercedes, Maserati, Lexus, Jaguar, and Audi are the top names that one can recall. Here are some of the premium luxury cars that are made outside of America and have great performance figures, especially when it comes to the number of horses they can put out.

1.    Jaguar XJ / XJR 575 RWD

One of the oldest luxury car brands in the market with an impeccable back-story Jaguar needs no introduction. But their modern luxury car models, as well as coupes convertibles, can hold their own when needed. The XJ and F-Type models such as the XJR 575 come with V8 specifications and veritable designs which you can spot from a distance.

The Jaguar XJ XJR575 is a rear wheel drive luxury car that features a 5.0L V8 that pumps out 575 horses and comes in an 8-speed automatic transmission with a variety of features.

2.    Audi S8 4.0T Plus

Audi is a well-known luxury car manufacturer based in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany. It has manufactured classics such as the Audi A4, R8 and the one we’re here to talk about, the Audi S8. The Audi S8 4.0T features a Twin-Turbocharged 4.0L V8 that is capable of producing 605 horsepower.

It features an 8-Speed automatic transmission that has overdrive as a plus. It’s an all-wheel Drive with ABS brakes and a number of airbags as a safety measure. It also features massive 21” aluminum wheels.

3.    BMW M760 I xDrive

From the iconic Bavarian manufacturers comes one of their most powerful mid-tier luxury sedans yet. The BMW M760 is capable of producing a massive 600 horses plus one. As a standard, it comes equipped with a 6.0L V12 twin turbo engine that gives you a total of 601 horsepower.

The transmission is an 8-speed Automatic that features overdrive, much like the Audi S8 we talked about before. For safety and navigation, it features the x drive navigation capabilities and 4-wheel ABS and a number of airbags designed to deploy and keep the passengers and driver safe in the event of an accident. It also features cruise and driveline traction control.

4.    Lexus LS 460

People interested in a luxury sedan and practicality, tend to opt for Lexus and it is one of the most popular foreign car companies in America. It’s an upscale offshoot of Toyota and has some of the same advantages as Toyota.

The 2017 Lexus LS460 is one of the cars manufactured by Lexus and comes as a 4.6L V8 capable of knocking over 380 horses out of the park. It has an 8-speed automatic transmission and comes with the same reliable chassis that you can expect from a Lexus. There is a reason why Lexus has the right blend of dependability and performance. Lexus also has sports cars such as the RC F in the mix.

5.    Mercedes Benz S-Class S550 RWD

This German manufacturer is known for producing luxury cars par excellence. Mercedes is a luxury offshoot of Daimler Benz but has become a brand on its own. All its cars are marvels of German engineering but the S Class stands out in particular.

One of the reasons is that the S-class has one of the most luxurious limousines to their name (the S-Class Pullman from Mercedes Maybach). The S550 is another reason. It’s a 9-speed automatic transmission powered by a 4.7L V8 twin turbo that produces almost 450 horsepower.

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