Updated 2019 – Top English Luxury Cars on the Market

When it comes to European vehicles, British brands are the crown jewel. Although German cars are sporty and loaded with innovative features, English cars are often the ultimate in luxury and class. These vehicles are known for novel engineering, performance, and elegance executed with precision. So, before you lay down $60k for a new BMW or Mercedes, consider one of the following top 5 English cars instead.

#1: Land Rover Discovery

If you are in the market for a 7-passenger SUV that has refined leather interiors, 4-zone climate controls, all the latest safety features, and infotainment to match, look no further than the Land Rover Discovery. Loaded with premium sound upgrades, 4-ton towing capacity, and more seat gymnastics than you could shake a stick at, the Discovery is a gem in the SUV market. It is roomy, stylish, powerful, and built for durability.

The wonder of this model is that it is built both for suburban terrain and off-roading. You can convert some of the extra seating into cargo space and take your family on a summer excursion at a campsite or manage the hometown softball team. The Land Rover Discovery exudes ultra-class and attracts elite buyers who want to stand above the herd. This vehicle has superior traction control and engineering to take you and your family up and down the road of life.

#2: Bentley Continental GT

The Bentley name is synonymous with rich celebrities and business moguls. What other manufacturer sells umbrellas and champagne flutes with their vehicles?

Of course, the Bentley Continental GT isn’t all looks with no heart. This powerhouse features a W-12 engine that is 3 times the size of the average passenger car engine. The twin-turbo setup allows it to maximize airflow and efficiency into 626 horsepower.

But the thing that sets it apart from other automobiles is the customization. Buyers get to select from numerous options, including nuanced gradients of the same paint color. You also have the option of ordering some slide-out workspaces that may remind you of accommodations available on a small private jet. You will definitely look and feel like a jet-set celebrity driving a Bentley Continental GT. And if you can afford one at just under a quarter million, you probably are a celebrity.

#3: Jaguar F-Pace

If you are looking for a sporty car that can compete with the best of them, look no further than the Jaguar F-Pace. The Jaguar F-Pace purrs like a kitten with a smoother ride than you will find in most other powertrains on the roads. This is one feature that Jaguar is known for — along with their exotic styling. You won’t be just another number on the road when you drive a Jaguar F-Pace. The quality of the ride allows you to melt into the machine and fine-tune it as an extension of yourself without frustration.

Many vehicles on the roads suffer from oversteer, understeer, and handle very poorly at speeds. The Jaguar F-Pace features crisp and accurate handling that is as agile as any big cat. The V6 supercharged engine is the top powerplant to get for this vehicle with its enviable 380 horsepower. When you consider that the Jaguar F-Pace has all the latest safety and infotainment features, premium sound, dynamically adjustable suspension, and photoshoot-ready styling, it is easy to see why they are so popular.

#4: Rolls-Royce Ghost

The Rolls-Royce Ghost looks as if it was sketched by a jewelry designer. Everything about the Rolls-Royce Ghost is expensive and classy. While you may find cheap plastic economy-styled interiors in a Dodge Viper, you will find nothing but the finest leather seats and wood veneers in a Ghost.
Although it has 99 ponies less than the Bentley, the 6.6 Liter V-12 is enough muscle to haul around gold bars in the trunk.

The styling of the Ghost is too elegant and rich. It is better suited for a Hollywood prop than a daily driver. But, if rich is your taste, the Rolls-Royce Ghost captures the essence of what it means to be rich and ride in style.

And what does every super-rich person need? More security. The Rolls-Royce Ghost uses high-tech GPS navigation to fine-tune the ride for the texture of the road. This predictive behavior is unheard of in any other type of automobile. This feature is like your personal security team talking over their walkie talkies to ensure that you are protected from every coarse road and gently whisked away to any destination without a hiccup.

These cars have certainly earned a reputation for their British Greatness. Although many English cars are more expensive than other brands, owning one defines your success.

Although a Lamborghini will draw attention and blow them away with its aggressive styling and over-the-top personality, a Rolls-Royce Ghost or a Bentley Continental will let them know that you are serious about your business and maybe even have someone to chew your food for you. Some of these high-end British vehicles are museum pieces that seem like they are too expensive to drive.

Yet, many other British cars are also renowned for legendary aspects that are unfound in other vehicles. The lightness of the Lotus, the sophistication of the Aston Martin, and even lesser-known wonders like the Noble M600 should all be high on your list if you can manage to find a dealership near you in the states.

If you decide a bespoke British machine is your next car, give the experts at Executive Automotive a call for all your European auto service needs.

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