Which SUV is more popular: Audi, BMW, or Mercedes?

SUVs are popular because they offer more visibility while driving, feel safer and are very versatile. While crossovers are built on a car’s platform, SUVs use the framework of a truck.

As a result, they have a difference in their architecture and design. SUVs use a body on frame design while crossovers use a frame on one-piece architecture. One of the features that generally make SUVs better is that they are elevated off the ground, which enhances exit and visibility.

In terms of insurance, SUV’s policy premiums are more expensive when compared to other cars. However, premiums are not uniform as the price varies on many factors, such as their models. Another reason for SUVs’ popularity is that they are widely used by ordinary people unfamiliar with cars. However, these cars are convenient.

Before answering the overall question, let us take a look at these specific models and their features. What are the variances in the Mercedes Benz SUV models?

Mercedes SUVs

The GLA model has dramatic designing and quality amenities and is also spacious. It comes with progressive safety features like driver-drowsiness display, which keeps the driver awake at all times. Inclusive is a discretionary 4MATIC four-wheel-drive system that has an unprecedented efficiency.

The GLC is speedy and powerful, which makes it suitable for adventures. It comes with great features and standard safety tools. These include lane-keeping assist and blind spot. The features help in keeping you out of danger. It also features a well-incorporated technology and hand-crafted selections for pleasure. GLC has a 4MATIC four-wheel-drive system.

If it is on or off the road, the GLE has a 5-star safety rating regardless of the terrain. The SUV comes with an agility switch suspension system. The system by design modifies individual shock absorbers depending on your driving style and road surface. GLE is packaged with essential safety features as well as an elective 4MATIC four-wheel drive. The GLE Coupe has a pure sports auto-response and comes with features similar to those of the GLE.

GLS has a seating capacity for seven people and provides you with plenty of sophisticated technology. The vehicle also comes with a Distronic plus. This is a cutting-edge radar device that attentively scans traffic for updates in case of slowing or stopped traffic. GLS also has 4MATIC four-wheel drive technology and adaptable suspensions.

The G-Class is an SUV that is built as if it will last forever and has exceptional features like advanced safety, 4MATIC four-wheel drive, and AIRMATIC suspension. The features have made the G-Class the pinnacle of luxury SUV. It has a 621-horsepower engine.

Audi SUVs

It is the familiarity with the details about each of the Audi SUVs that assists in finding out which vehicle is right for you. Audi SUVs include the Q series, where Q stands for Quattro.

The Audi Q3 comes with a roomy interior and a compacted enough footprint to grip tight city streets. Also, the Q3 has sufficient SUV road presence that stirs the confidence of the driver. It has cutting-edge connectivity, a host of innovative standard and accessible driver support systems. Q3 has a 228-horsepower engine.

Referred to as the most intellectual Audi SUV, the Q5 features advanced regular and obtainable driver-assistance technology inside its attractive and elegant design. The 2019 Audi Q5 represents the climax of the sportiness in the Audi SUV line. Q5 has a distinctive single-frame grid and full LED headlights to its projecting shoulder line. The vehicle has a 248-horsepower engine.

The Audi SQ5 personifies the definitive performance, knowhow, and luxury in the perfect regular SUV. Moreover, it has a 349-horsepower engine that produces 369 lb-ft of spin resulting from a turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 engine. SQ5 goes from 0 to 60mph in 5.2 seconds only, which leaves you with impressive driving skills.

The 2019 Audi Q7 possesses a liberal design and enduring beauty. It has features that create a remarkable presence on both dusty roads and city streets. Other features include a seven-seating capacity as well as a towing volume of 7,700 lbs. For family and individual trips, the SQ5 would be your choice. The vehicle also possesses a 329-horsepower engine.

Sporty in appearance, the Audi Q8 is somewhat distinct from any car that the company has produced before. The Q8 offers both the existence of a big SUV and a lively coupe fusion with a deluxe interior, lavishly fortified with next-generation Audi technology. These include the Quattro four-wheel drive technology that has redefined the SUV industry. It contains a 335-horsepower engine.

The Audi e-Tron is the perfect definition for a new age of electric vehicles. It is the sole electric SUV that has been fabricated with Audi DNA. Additionally, it’s way more than an electric car, given its spaciousness that accommodates long-range and everyday capabilities. With its exciting performance, the features make it an electric vehicle complete with all the SUV features offered by Audi. The e-Tron has a battery capacity of 95 kilowatts, 150 kilowatts charging capability, and an estimated range of 204 miles.


BMW provides SUVs in the X series manner.
According to rankings and research, the BMW X1 is one of the top luxury subcompact SUVs. It has an attractive 228 horsepower engine. Its stillness is evident when making swerves and merges in traffic and when carrying bulky goods.

The BMW X2 has a glossy, has an assertive style, and possesses an aggressive appearance that accentuates its speed. The X2 handling focuses on a fun experience for the driver and comfortability for passengers. It is a tech powerhouse with lots of connectivity alternatives.

Referred to as a sturdy beast, the X3 represents the usefulness of an SUV, making it a powerful road car. It’s on, and off-road handling is swift and designed with a cabin that is finely cut in with exceptional materials. Similar to the X2, there’s a key focus on the latest technology. However, the X3 goes straight for utility and power.

The BMW X4 is an SUV that most individuals do not fully understand. It is designed with the company’s famous nimble coupes without losing the curbside room of a crossover. The X4 is sporty and sharp on the road with an acceleration of 0 – 60 mph in 4.4 secs. Unlike many SUVs, however, the X4 economizes on fuel without losing power.

The X5 is the largest of the BMW SUVs. It possesses a palpable road feel, high power, as well as acceleration. Its reputation attests to its efficiency. There is also a wide range of engines to choose from. You can select one of the four diverse powertrains, comprising a 445-horsepower twin-turbo V8 engine. The X5 has an xDrive iPerformance, which is a plug-in-hybrid that lets you do all your local driving done on X5’s electric motor. Otherwise, you can bond its electric and gas engines into a joint powertrain for freeway driving.

The BMW X6 is the globe’s first Sports Activity Coupe. The X6 is designed to be fun in both its interior and exterior, with a raw power focused on turn-on-a-dime nimbleness. It has the best BMW interior design with superior agile handling. The BMW X Series is the leading line of stylish SUVs.